Thursday, July 31, 2014

Baby Girl

Her name is Jane Seqouia Mortensen. Her name suggests a woman of nobleness, beauty, and bravery. We gave her this name as a gift. She will need all of these things. Every day she grows older and closer to self awareness. Soon she will see the world as more than a colorful curiosity. It will envelop her with shadows and nightmares as real as the sunshine and scrapes on her knee. She will see beauty and joy in it. She will attract beauty in all it's forms. She will need to learn to perceive the false fronts, facades, and fakery. God will help her. She is His daughter and she will learn to hear His voice. I see, already, she has a natural sensitivity and quiet awareness within her boldly innocent gaze. Through those wide blue eyes and with her long, curious fingers she will learn and grow and absorb life. Soon she will yawn, sit up, stretch, and one day stand up with the other children of her generation. I hope she stretches her arms wide and stands tall. Lady Jane. My Jane. Our baby girl. 

 Photograph by Danielle Woodall